I graduated the Romanian National University of Theatre and Film (UNATC) in 2009, with the "Film Editing and Sound design" specialization and have since then worked on numerous film and television projects.


When possible, I like to alternate editing with sound design, as I feel this allows me to always keep a fresh view on the project at hand, and keeps me focused on telling the story.


My relationship with sound is of a more analytical nature - I sometimes spend hours on adjusting a certain sound to my liking, although I'm somehow aware that most of the audience will never hear what I'm doing, hoping that they will sense it, at least on a subliminal level.




By formal education (National University of Theater and Film) i am a licensed cinematographer. Short films I've helped create have been selected in national and international competitions or in Romanian film panoramas.


By self-education I've done professional work on various short, medium or feature films as still photographer, commercial photography or book illustrations and have for some years now, been specializing in underwater photography.


Giving footage a new look is what i enjoy doing most, so i see color grading as my preferred activity in film, although each new project brings something new and exciting, no matter the work field.


Working in film and media is something i do with ease, mostly because of my learning capacity and adaptability - my last project implied working as a graphic and visual effects artist and film restoration.